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New Online Store Programs!

You’ve heard it here first, the Simtail Online Store has added a range of new programs!

They’re targeted, goal-orientated, platform-specific, and what’s more, they’re perfect for every small business owner.

We know your business has an influence on different platforms, that’s why each of our new programs is catered to run on either Google, Facebook and/or Instagram!

Ready to launch your business into the digital marketing stratosphere? Let’s take off and find a program that’s the perfect fit for your business.

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RRP: $1,500

Do you need to establish your online presence? Have a strong social media following but no traffic to your website?

We know capturing the right kind of traffic can be time-consuming and challenging, with many businesses not knowing where to begin.

With a custom 28-day Google Ads or Facebook campaign, we take the stress out of generating website visitors by connecting your business with the right people at the right time.

By employing up-to-date targeting techniques to reach your ideal audience, our seasoned digital specialists ensure traffic flowing to your website is of high quality and high intent!

Shop the Website Traffic programs below.

Shop: Website Traffic (Google Ads)
Shop: Website Traffic (Facebook)

'Brand Awareness & Reach' program product image

RRP: $1,500

Stay top of mind and circulate your business’ name far and wide with Simtail’s Brand Awareness & Reach program!

This program is perfect for businesses who want to establish and/or improve their brand awareness and reach so that they remain top of mind when potential customers are looking for a related product or service.

This program can help your business:

– Familiarise your brand name with potential customers
– Differentiate from the competition
– Keep top of mind with high-intent audiences

We’ll achieve this by creating a strong 28-day Google Ads or Facebook campaign that connects your brand with like-minded potential customers so that your business remains a leading consideration during the buying process.

Shop the Brand Awareness & Reach Program below.

Shop: Brand Awareness & Reach (Google Ads)
Shop: Brand Awareness & Reach (Facebook)

'Lead Generation' program product image


Whether you need to establish a lead generation strategy or your current approach needs support, our latest program is here to help your business every step of the way in your lead gen journey.

Our Lead Generation program is designed to stimulate and capture warm quality leads for your business to qualify and convert into customers!

How do we do this? Through expert targeting techniques we’ll create a Google Search ad or Facebook Image ad (recommended by our Simtail Specialists) that taps into your key audience’s search engine results or newsfeed.

A successful lead generation strategy can help your business to:
– Stand out from the competition
– Find potential customers with a high-intent to purchase
– Generate high-quality traffic to your website

In fact, studies suggest that expertise in lead nurturing results in a 50% increase in sales-ready leads!
Keen to kickstart your warm leads? Shop our Lead Generation program below!

Shop: Lead Generation (Google Ads)
Shop: Lead Generation (Facebook) 

If you want to strengthen your campaign even further, get the Simtail Specialist’s to create a custom landing page to increase your engagement and conversion rate! 

Fill out the contact form to add this to your online order. 

'Sales & Conversions' program product image

RRP: $1,695

Running a successful conversion campaign isn’t as simple as clicking a few buttons, including an image, crossing your fingers and hoping for the best.
This campaign type requires a superior analytical approach to targeting along with a strong mindset on return on investment.

Luckily for your business, our Sales & Conversions program involves just that!

This program’s effective 28-day Google or Facebook Ads campaign works to enhance your website’s sales and conversion rate so your online store thrives above competitors.
We’ll also track your conversion actions in an easy-to-measure format so you can determine where your sales are coming from and why or more importantly, why not.

Conversions actions are defined as any desired action completed on your website, such as a:
– Purchase
– Download
– Phone call
– Submission form
– Page view

It’s important to track where your conversions are originating from so your business can make effective data-based decisions for future campaigns.
For example, if the phone number listed on your ad-extension is experiencing a large amount of clicks but your staff aren’t reporting an influx in calls, it’s most likely an indicator that there is something wrong with the number listed.

Add the Sales & Conversions program to your cart below.

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Shop: Sales & Conversions (Facebook)

'Ecommerce' program product image

RRP: $1,800

Elevate the exposure of your store by uploading it to the online shopping stratosphere! That’s right, we’re talking about your own personal E-commerce shopping campaign.

With our E-commerce program we’ll:
– Synchronise your products with Google Merchant Centre or a Facebook/Instagram catalogue.
– Create a personalised 28-day Google Shopping Ad or Facebook Collection Ad campaign to supplement your new online store.
– Implement advanced targeting techniques to pinpoint customers with high search intent and therefore more likely to make a purchase.

If you’re ready to boost your brand and increase your product consideration amongst ready-to-buy consumers, purchase our Ecommerce product today!

Shop: Ecommerce (Google Ads)
Shop: Ecommerce (Facebook)


Interested in our new programs above but need more information? Contact the Simtail Specialists here to schedule a free consultation before purchasing.

We’re excited to share the Simtail Online Store’s latest program updates with you, and want you to know that… this is only the beginning!

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