Three signs you are burnt out!

We all know there are not enough hours in the day! Here are three key signs that you need to stop and revive to ensure you do not burn out:

  1. Insomnia
  2. Forgetfulness
  3. Loss of appetite

Remember, owning your own business relies upon you – so your health is important. Take five minutes to rest and ensure you avoid a burn out!

Brunch in Sydney

It is Monday morning, take a few minutes to enjoy some quiet time before the week begins!

1. Laneway.
2. Barista & Cook
3. Huxton’s
4. Gordon’s Cafe
5. Lox, Stock and Barrel

Communicate a Solution, don’t just self promote!

Become the problem solver for your customers, how does your product help them?

If you can respond to their everyday needs, then you can increase the frequency of visitation. Your product or service becomes a necessity, not a want.

Respond to their mindset, not their desires to increase the frequency of visitation.

Prepare your strategy and let someone execute it for you!

Plan your marketing right, review and refocus your efforts!

Marketing campaigns can be continually reviewed and improved throughout 2017 by testing different prices, offers, marketing channels, website content — whatever variables your data, customer feedback and gut instincts tell you is important. It is important to sit with your marketing team to ensure your business objective are being communicated through your marketing strategy to achieve your goals!

The damage a bad image can do!

Quality photography becomes your visual sales tool. It sells your product to a potential customer and sets the intention of your brand. Poor social media photography can truly damage your brand:

  1. Misrepresent your product
  2. Cheapen your brand
  3. Turn customers away